Each one Teach One 


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Each One Teach One Rag: 134-973 NPO income tax no 9738092163
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May the acts of our deeds been known all over the world 

To fight illiteracy, unemployment and poverty in South Africa by means of social enterprise aimed at entrepreneur development, skills transfer and talent enhancement for the youth of South Africa with focus on Tourism and Hospitality, Education, arts and Culture, business development and events management. This has been our vision as the Each One Teach One Team.

Introducing us as the EOTO team (Each One Teach One 134-973 NPO), a team of young South Africans trying to make change in our communities, we are focused on skills development, talent enhancement through education, Cultural and Educational exchange program of learning and Arts & Culture.

Each One Teach One was established on the 18th of March 2014 as a Non Profit organization, with a vision to create a well-developed South Africa that is a better social cohesive society with an aim of fighting illiteracy and poverty in this country. This vision is supported by the Youth led team of office bearers whom had built a well reputation in social enterprise for the past five years. Friends gathered to change the world started by changing their mind to actions on a daily basis. 

Covid 19 Project 
South Africa was set to a state of emergency because of the corona vires that was affecting a lot of people all over the world. On the 23th f March a national lockdown was announced, starting on the 27th of March 2020, which was supposed to last for 21 days, but due to a high level of new cases of the vires South Africa is still under lockdown on level one.

We as an organization have created a project to help families who are disadvantaged and mostly those who never had a stable income before the lockdown. Our main aim was to help these families with providing them with food parcels to cater for the families during the lockdown. So far we have accommodated a number of +200 families from the beginning of lockdown until now.