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  Each One
 Teach One

Each ONE each one is a non-profit organization that was founded 21 August 2013. EOTO started as an educational and cultural exchange program between young people from South Africa and young people from Germany, it was then registered this year as a non-profit organization in March 18th 2014. The vision of EOTO is to provide a positive and an inclusive environment for young people of South Africa, to empower them

 The vision of EOTO is to engage in community development project with other organization and affiliate with the private and public sectors service providers to build a network of organization that share the same to similar vision on youth development of communities.

 Each One Teach One was founded by young people who wanted to  change in the life’s of the young people from Soweto by motivating them, creating partnerships with schools from all over the world making them feel important and special. Each One Teach One is aiming to bring more solution for communities around South Africa aiming to bring change, only by action and less with talking.

Each One Teach One has created a number of daily activities that will accommodate all the young people, who are willing to make change of their life and create some thing new from what they are and what they have.


Educational and cultural exchange programs

Each One Teach One is aiming to create many opportunities for young South Africans who are willing to change and be better people of this country. Each One Teach One has started an Educational Exchnage Program with Sankt-Afra landesgymnasium sachsen from Germany. One way of motivating the youth by giving them what they need, not what they want. Education all the way.